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  • Derek asks the age old question. 

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  • ilarina:

    If our love is tragedy, why are you my remedy?

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  • fuckyeahstydia:

    Whatever else this may turn out to be, it is first and foremost a love story. The story of how a boy and a girl came to be - and then to realize they were - in love with one another.  You see, it is probable that falling in love was the most important thing that they ever accomplished, and they accomplished a number of quite important things. ( x )

    stiles stilinski and lydia martin as james potter and lily evans (1/?)

    Sometimes, she thought if she stepped off the astronomy tower, she would just float away.

    He could not remember the last time he’d looked before taking a leap.

    She believed in God.

    He smoked too much.

    She had her first kiss in a sunsoaked garden at the age of fifteen.

    He lost his virginity to a girl named Sarah at the age of fifteen.

    She wanted to write.

    He wanted to play Quidditch.

    She thought she was in love and disliked the fact. 

    He knew he was in love and positively hated it.

    She smiled and laughed a great deal.

    He did, too.

    She was dramatic.

    He was dynamic.

    She was precise.

    He was impulsive.

    She excelled in diplomacy.

    He excelled in diplomacy, but often resorted to throwing punches insted.

    She served seven detentions in as many years. 

    He served seventy four.

    She thought he was barking mad.

    He thought she was positively insane.

    He was James.

    And she was Lily.

    And one day they shared a kiss.

    But before that they shared many arguments.

    For he was cocky.

    And she was sweet.

    And matters of the heart

    require time.

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